Ways to Say Sorry

Ways to Say SorryIn every worthwhile relationship of family, friends, lovers, co-workers, or neighbors, there will be good times and not so good times.  Everyone at some point in time will have to come up with ways to say sorry to someone else.  Notice I said worthwhile, if you don’t want a caring, nurturing, or friendly relationship, don’t find any ways to say sorry.

The sheer numbers of ways to say sorry outnumber the stars in the sky.  There are cute ways, romantic ways, funny ways, dramatic ways, and serious ways.  There are other ways to say sorry: tickling, back rubs, it doesn’t matter how you say you’re sorry, just say you’re sorry!
Here are some samples of ways to say sorry:

  • Send flowers with a I’m sorry card
  • Send a singing telegram
  • Buy tickets to the game/opera/play/show  
  • Write a sorry poem
  • Do belly dances for them    
  • Mow the yard(s)
  • Do all the housework 
  • Skywrite I’m sorry
  • Pay all the bills out of your own money for a month
  • Take the kids on a Dads/Moms day and leave Mom/Dad at home

I could go on and on about how many ways to say sorry that there is, use your imagination.  The more severe the transgression, the more sincere the apology should be.  What I mean is; if your blunder was not to show up for dinner, a handwritten note with enough money to cover what they spent is a good start.


Some funny ways to say sorry are going to a comedy club or renting a clown to shape balloon animals for them.  Romantic ways to say sorry could be a candlelit seaside dinner or a quiet secluded picnic on an island.  Cute ways to say sorry could be building a stuffed animal and putting their name on it and giving it to them with a cute balloon.  The dramatic ways to say sorry could be to rent a billboard, have the chef write I’m sorry on your after dinner desert or you could drop down on bended knee and beg her forgiveness. 

Many ways to say sorry are dependent upon the resources of the person searching for ways to say sorry, the distance between the people and the creativity of the person looking for the ways to say sorry.  Cheaper ways to say sorry are cleaning his car for him (don’t forget the windows!), letting him watch the ‘big game’, or buying her ‘sorry gift’ at a pawn shop.  

Good Luck! Continue here to find out more about i’m sorry notes and i’m sorry for hurting you poems.

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