Ways to Say Sorry to Your Partner

Ways to Say Sorry to Your PartnerIf your significant other is angry or upset with you, then you might want to consider finding ways to say sorry to your partner. It takes a special person to own up to their mistakes and apologize. It will go a long way to restoring the relationship between you.

The sooner you find ways to say sorry to your partner and approach them to attempt to apologize, the stronger and closer you will become. Notice I said ‘attempt’ to apologize, some people need a ‘cooling off period’ before they will listen to or accept an apology.

The number of ways to say sorry to your partner is immeasurable, but there are definitely good ways and wrong ways.

Good ways are the ways that speak to your relationship in various methods; funny, sweet, or romantic. Bad or not so good ways to say sorry to your partner are those that blame your partner, or you tell them to ‘get over it, get a life’ or some other rude comment.

The best ways to say sorry to your partner are the sincere, heartfelt, apologetic, and tells them they’re right. When your partner is telling you why you’re wrong or why what you did was wrong; the best thing for you to do is agree with them. Yes, I said agree with them. Don’t try to explain what you meant, just apologize and you will be acknowledging their feelings and their right to be upset.

Other ways to say sorry to your partner can be to purchase a small gift & card, get some flowers, or you could sit down and write a poem. As long as you are sincere in your apology, take the blame, offer a solution, promise never to do it again and ask forgiveness, your apology should be taken with open arms, a kiss and a hug.

The ways to say sorry to your partner are as varied as there are ways to screw up. Once, my girlfriend threw away a box of mine that had mementoes of past relationships in it. I was so angry at her audacity I didn’t call or speak to her for a week. The following Saturday, my buddies and I went to watch a football game and at half-time, what do I see? On the screen was a picture of me and my girlfriend with “I’m sorry” above it.

For some reasons, it made me realize she was right to throw the box away, I was holding on to the past and my future was smiling at me from high above the seats. When you think of ways to say sorry to your partner, remember that your approach, what and you say, is just as important as the actual apology. I cannot stress enough to be sincere, honest and above all, apologize today! Continue here to find out more about i’m sorry flowers and i’m sorry letters.

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