Sorry Blame It on Me

Sorry Blame It on MeSorry blame it on me,
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
My mistake it must be,
But my heart remains so true.

“Sorry blame it on me” Such powerful words and so very hard for some to say. Because of course, it’s not all your fault is it? Most people automatically say, it’s not my fault or I didn’t do it. Some people think that there is rarely a case in which the other person didn’t share some of the blame for the issue and should also apologize.

No one likes to show weakness and for some people, saying sorry blame it on me does just that. But if you value your relationship and if you want to score some points with the other person, saying sorry blame it on me works. For some women, it makes men more desirable; that he can be a man and take the blame even if it wasn’t entirely his fault.

When you have made a mistake and feel the need to apologize, saying sorry blame it on me can alleviate the stress of the issue almost immediately. Sometimes that’s the entire apology some people need; it’s the need to feel vindicated.

The same thing happens when people are arguing that are supposed to be on the same side. Discord can happen when the parties involved think they’ll be blamed for something that wasn’t their fault. If you say sorry blame it on me, then all of a sudden the other person may say something like, it’s ok, I’m pretty sure we can fix it.

I once made a judgmental remark towards an acquaintance and when the comment got back to her, she called me on it. I said sorry blame it on me, but if you hadn’t been so overly friendly towards my husband, then I wouldn’t have said what I did. She agreed, apologized, said me she forgave me for what I said that she was wrong and promised not to behave that way towards my husband again.

Harry Truman once said:”It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Some people take the blame for everything and are constantly saying sorry blame it on me, but boy oh boy, that is as annoying as the person who never takes responsibility for their actions and words.

So, even if it is not your fault and you are willing to take the blame, you can very well take the pressure out of the emotionally charged situation by doing so. Continue here to find out more about ways to say sorry to your partner and i’m sorry flowers.

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