I’m Sorry Notes

I’m Sorry NotesOne of the funniest I’m sorry notes I’ve ever heard of was when someone hit a parked car and was seen leaving a note that everyone assumed was the name and address of the offender…NOT! It actually said: “I’m sorry I hit your car, and all the people watching me are thinking I’m leaving you my name and number.” The other was from a neighbor’s dog to a friend’s nephew for knocking him down and taking his teddy bear! They were funny I’m sorry notes to hear about but they wouldn’t be a funny I’m sorry notes to receive.

I’m sorry notes can range from funny, as mentioned in the first paragraph, to somber. There can even be I’m sorry notes from burglars to the people they stole from; a store owner in Bristol received I’m sorry notes with money in it to pay for the cigarettes he had stolen from the store a few years ago. The store owner was so touched; he donated the money to charity after reading one.

When writing I’m sorry notes remember they are notes, not letters or novels. Short, sweet and to the point is one way of writing I’m sorry notes. You could say things like: I’m sorry, please forgive my stupidness, I didn’t mean it, I regret hurting you or will you forgive me?

I’m sorry notes don’t have to be in any certain form; however, they should convey the fact that you’re sorry or that you regret what you did only if you are. In some I’m sorry notes you could just say something funny like; I’m sorry my kid is smarter than yours, or my dad’s bigger than you.

However you write I’m sorry notes, do it in your own voice, as if you’re the one speaking and it will be natural sounding. If you write I’m sorry notes, you’ll be able to release any guilt feelings you may have, unless it’s to be a slap in the face to the intended recipient.

Satisfactory I’m sorry notes are the ones that you write to express an emotion; sadness, happiness, anger, pity, envy, fear, delight, and yes, even lust. It doesn’t matter the reason why, just that you took the time to write some I’m sorry notes.

Here’s an idea, I’m sorry notes could actually be to apologize for something! I’m sorry I took your last cookie, I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sorry you lost your job, I’m sorry he/she was mean to you. The list can go on and on. Continue here to find out more about i’m sorry for hurting you poems and sorry blame it on me.

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