I’m Sorry Flowers

I’m Sorry Flowers

My five-year-old did it again; he picked clean my next-door neighbor’s tulip bed! He brought them to her one afternoon while she and I were sipping iced tea on her patio. She was touched by his sincere gesture of giving, even when I exclaimed that I didn’t have any red tulips! She replied, “I don’t think I have any more now!” So, since he picked all of her flowers, we sent her a bouquet of I’m sorry flowers from my favorite local florist. The flowers I sent her were a vase of red tulips.

I found out after she thanked us that red tulips symbolize a declaration of love. Well, my five-year-old certainly loved picking our neighbors flowers!
Although I’m sorry flowers come in a variety of colors and types, some I’m sorry flowers have special meanings. Hyacinths are the usual I’m sorry flowers that mean ‘forgive me’; to be more precise, purple hyacinths.

Other I’m sorry flowers are: Asphodel (my regrets follow you to the grave), and Hazel (reconciliation). For these particular I’m sorry flowers, the color doesn’t mean anything different.

Along with purple hyacinths you could add other I’m sorry flowers that have slightly different meanings to expand on your apology. Use Amaranth to express your fidelity, red roses your love, white chrysanthemums to mean the truth, lemon blossom to promise fidelity and phlox to show unity. Wow, what a beautiful bouquet of I’m sorry flowers this will be!

While some I’m sorry flowers don’t actually say I’m sorry, they can symbolize the overall feeling of an apology. For instance, Myrtle means love and remembrance and it’s the Hebrew emblem of marriage. Similar I’m sorry flowers are the white rose with ivy; it means purity of intentions and the promise of fidelity.

While most flowers and their colors have meanings, you are not required to send those particular ones as I’m sorry flowers. For most women, any kind of bouquet of flowers is a great start to an apology. However, I would highly recommend never sending a yellow rose (means decreasing love) or an orange lily (symbolizes hate) as I’m sorry flowers, unless of course, you’re not really apologizing.

To your bouquet of I’m sorry flowers; you can also add balloons, stuffed animals, or a box of chocolates. Jewelry to, is always a good gift for women; so long as it’s appropriate for the apology you’re making with the I’m sorry flowers. I’ve seen bouquets with I’m sorry written on the red heart of a teddy bear it was so cute.

As with any apology, sincerity is the key to your apology being accepted. Continue here to find out more about i’m sorry letters and love letter saying sorry.

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