How to Say I’m Sorry

How to say I’m sorryThere are an unlimited number of ways to say I’m sorry. There are just as many ways not to say I’m sorry. We’re going to give you some suggestions for how to say I’m sorry the proper way.

It’s been said that what you say in an apology and how you say it, is the key to having your apology accepted. There are some questions you should ask yourself in order to know how to say I’m sorry.

How bad was your mistake, how strained is your relationship, how close are you to this person: sibling, parent, lover, friend, etc? In other words, is it a personal or business relationship? The more personal the relationship, the more personal the apology should be. In learning how to say I’m sorry, these questions will help you find the path to the perfect apology.

If your relationship is personal, then maybe a romantic apology is in order. For your lover, flowers & candy, with a smile and heartfelt “I’m sorry” will do the trick. You could produce an apology CD that ends with love songs & poems. You could give them a gift of a teddy bear with I’m sorry on it, or purple hyacinths (they symbolize ‘I’m sorry’ like red roses say I love you), or even produce a video. How to say I’m sorry is easiest when your truly are sorry.

For your co-worker, a handwritten apology inside a nice card would be appreciated. By handwriting the letter, you show them you know how to say I’m sorry with respect towards them and how important they are to you.

If it’s your sibling you’ve hurt then knowing how to say I’m sorry gets a bit easier; after all you grew up with them! A brother or sister might appreciate you treating them to a drink at their favorite spot, or the two of you could go riding/walking/biking, etc.

As long as you apologize sincerely, ask their forgiveness and not make them feel as if you’re buying their forgiveness, it should work. It has for me; whenever I have an issue with one of my 4 siblings. Apologizing via a phone call saying I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, will you forgive me, usually worked.

The old saying goes “the customer is always right”, but we all know that even if they’re not, we still have occasion to have to know how to say I’m sorry to them. It’s the key to customer retention and loyalty. However, a poorly written, insincere or inappropriately timed apology will have the opposite effect.

How to say I’m sorry can be short ‘n sweet or hard as heck! The key issue in how to say I’m sorry is the sincerity of the apology, when and how it’s delivered. There’s no steadfast rule for when, except for not offering one, and as far as how; I cannot say this enough, sincerity. It’s always worked for me in the past. Continue here to find out more about sorry poems for boyfriends and how to write a sorry letter to your girlfriend.

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